Zero To Hero In 18 Months

Robert Ardy, CFI-I, USAF Veteran, shares vectors to becoming a professional helicopter pilot [CAREER UPDATE 2-10-15: Rob Ardy starts new career flying helicopters for utility company. Congrats Rob!!!] Considering himself one of the “old guys” at work, Robert Ardy, CFI-I, 34, is a United States Air Force Veteran, former Police Officer, and now a Certificated … Continued

Big Easy Airborne

Making It Look All Too Easy, Son of The South and U.S. Air Force Veteran, F-16 Mechanic Jumps Feet First Into Helicopters Born in the Big Easy and raised in Lafourche Parish, Kyle Guidry spent his days growing up in a small oil and fishing area just south of New Orleans. After enlisting in the … Continued

Flights of Finance – CFO Nancy Armstrong

In The Male Dominated Worlds of Helicopter Aviation and Finance, CFO Nancy Armstrong is Pilot in Command Nancy Armstrong was born in McKinney, Texas and raised in Prescott, Arizona by a single, working mother with five children. Her mother, an elementary school teacher, instilled in Nancy the values of education and working diligently towards her … Continued

Writing A Resume or Online Profile – Student Services Is Here to Help

Guidance Aviation Student Services Department – The Art of Writing and Flying The first day of your helicopter flight training is the day you start presenting yourself to the world.  How you act, your work ethic, your attitude, and of course your flying skills all play major roles in your success as a pilot. What … Continued

New Helicopter Pilots and Safety Excellence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

New Helicopter Pilots and Safety Excellence Recognized During BBQ Hosted by Guidance Aviation Each semester, new helicopter pilots and safety excellence are recognized at the Baton Rouge Community College – Guidance Aviation BBQ, celebrating the successes of the Baton Rouge Community College helicopter aviation students.  Graduates of this degree program will earn their Associate of … Continued

Become a Helicopter Pilot – This Job Is Awesome

If You Want It Bad Enough, You Will Figure It Out… When asked what inspired Wes Carter, CFI-I, U.S. Military Veteran, to become a helicopter pilot, the first thing that sprang from his lips was, “Mom”. “She was a hard ass and has always worked diligently for everything she has. She would never feel bad … Continued

Student Helicopter Pilot Milestones, Staff Accomplishments and Career Placement

The latest Guidance Aviation BBQ in Prescott, Arizona took place on Friday, August 22, 2014, recognizing recent student helicopter pilot and staff accomplishments.  As meals were served and helicopter rides given, the following were recognized. Great job everyone! Career Placement Success Before we check out all the recent accomplishments recognized at the BBQ, we want … Continued

Best Helicopter Flight School and Guidance For Selecting The Right Aviation Program

What is the best helicopter flight school? Prospective helicopter pilots seeking guidance on selecting the best helicopter pilot school frequently ask us this question.  We believe the answer resides within the hearts and minds of the future pilots themselves –  The best helicopter flight school is the one that is right for you.  To guide … Continued

Discover Aviation Camp and Stacy Howard Give Lift to Future Female Pilots

In 1999, the first Discover Aviation Camp hosted 17 campers.  The only thing missing during that first camp was experiencing an actual flight.  By 2003 the camp had arranged the proper insurance and safe guards to allow Girl Scouts to fly and since that year, over 150 Girl Scouts have experienced a flight lesson. “The … Continued