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Writing A Resume or Online Profile – Student Services Is Here to Help

Guidance Aviation Student Services Department – The Art of Writing and Flying

writing online guidance to career placement
35% of emloyers note “Poor Communication Skills” as reasons applicant did not get the job…

The first day of your helicopter flight training is the day you start presenting yourself to the world.  How you act, your work ethic, your attitude, and of course your flying skills all play major roles in your success as a pilot. What you post online, whether that be in social media, an online profile in LinkedIn, or a resume, can carry a lot of weight with the person reading your information.  Get it right the first time and shine. Get it wrong, despite your incredible skills as a helicopter pilot, and people viewing your poorly written profile might get the wrong idea of you and even think, “Geez, can this individual even read the POH?”

Things To Consider

SPELLING: Some of us are great spellers, others not so much. It’s important to get it right the first time as you begin to present yourself online as “THAT GUY” that everyone wants to hire. Run a spell check on everything you publish about yourself. Most importantly, have someone else proofread the information. Sometimes an extra set of “eyes on” will make all the difference.

writing resume DICTION (Word Choice), SYNTAX (Sentence Structure): In a world of texting and abbreviated language, it is no surprise we have all become just a bit carefree with the way we write and express ourselves. When writing your resume, express your information in a well structured document, making sure syntax and diction are correct and appropriate. There’s nothing like reading someone’s resume that is full of grammatical errors. Again, have someone proofread your resume. Better yet, have someone help your write it!

Student Services Profile Development Assistance

The Guidance Aviation Student Services Department is prepared to help you with all the above. Want to start writing your resume? Great! Let us help you. Even if you just started your flight training, it is never too early to begin the process of resume writing and personal development.  There is an art to writing just as there is an art to flying a helicopter. We are here to help you with both!


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