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Real World Training.

At Guidance you’ll get the opportunity to apply your training in unique, real world operations that will better prepare you for a successful career as a professional helicopter pilot.

Off-Airport Operations

Most commercial helicopter operations occur away from airports. In order to better prepare pilots for helicopter careers, we have secured several landing sites in remote areas where helicopter training takes on a practical, real world approach.

Each year, we dedicate substantial time and resources to our community.

We participate in a variety of local events and fundraisers. As a result, our students and instructor pilots have the opportunity to fly and support some amazing operations.

Superdome Landing

Guidance has received permission to land at the heliport located at the Superdome in New Orleans. Students enrolled in the commercial pilot, helicopter course with Baton Rouge Community College have had the opportunity to fly into this spectacular landmark.

Prescott Rally

Guidance Aviation is on its third year providing aerial support for the “Prescott Rally” leg of the California Rally Series. Guidance pilots fly over the race course while photographers capture the race on video and in photographs.

Whiskey Off-Road

Guidance Aviation has provided helicopter support and sponsorship for the Whiskey Off-Road mountain bike race for the past five years. Our pilots get to follow racers through the hills of the Prescott National Forest, documenting the race and providing updates to race officials.

YEI Santa Fly-In

For three consecutive years Santa has called on Guidance Aviation and their fleet of red helicopters to deliver Christmas to the incredible people at Yavapai Exceptional Industries.

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