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A Program Unlike Any Other.

Our training adheres to a strict bench-mark schedule that takes you from no experience to Certified Flight Instructor in 24 months.

Training Schedule

Our training is clear, straightforward, and effective.

Term 1 Instrument – Instrument Rating
Term 2 Commercial Pilot 1
Term 3 Commercial Pilot 2 – Comm. Cert.
Term 4 Commercial Flight Instructor & Commercial Flight Instructor-Instrument – CFI CFI-I Rating

Our training program uses established benchmarks…

The Guidance approach embraces the academic structure of a university education, coupled with academy-style training modeled after law enforcement. Just like the U.S. Military, where excellence is the standard, we use simulation extensively. This is a highly efficient way of preparing students to fly.

…while traditional flight training is often unstructured and inefficient.

Conventional FBO-style flight schools or “flying clubs” often have indefinite goals—programs that we describe as “perpetual training”. Perpetual training describes flight training that embodies a “you’ll be done when you’re done” attitude.
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