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Leading in aviation training technologies.

We’ve integrated multiple learning strategies including audio, video, and advanced simulation while developing new content and training delivery systems including a flight maneuvers mobile app and online training portal.

Online Training Videos

We have developed our own course training videos. Accessible 24-hours a day, you can now learn at a time and pace that works for you. Videos are available to students online or via mobile device.

Web-Based Training Portal

The MyGA online training portal is a web-based content delivery system that contains course content for both academic and flight courses. With this system, you can access the most current training documents available.

Mobile Apps

Developed for both iOS and Android operating systems, the Guidance Aviation Maneuvers app is designed for today’s professional aviator. This complete visual maneuvers guide details the specifics of each maneuver required by the practical test standards, including common errors and safety considerations.

We use the most advanced helicopter flight simulator on the market:
The X-Copter.

Our simulation program takes inspiration from the US Military: By receiving ground training through advanced simulation, students can maximize their flight training time and dollars.
There are now more than 25 X-Copter simulators in use at Guidance Aviation.

Each is modeled exactly after the actual Robinson aircraft students fly. Advanced features include glass cockpits, Foreflight integration, and touch sonar technology. X-Copter’s advanced capabilities provide training of challenging VFR maneuvers such as:

  • auto-rotations
  • slope landings
  • hovering

…maneuvers that were never before available in helicopter (primary) flight simulation.


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