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We’re a career school.

We haven’t done our job until our graduates are successfully placed into industry as professional helicopter pilots.
The Guidance approach of Training To a Higher Standard™ embraces the rigorous, academic structure of a university education coupled with academy-style training modeled after law enforcement.
Our FAA approved helicopter pilot training institution is demanding, and produces pilots who set the standard of professionalism, safety and piloting skills in the industry. The result is a graduate placement rate of 91%. Our leadership has been recognized domestically and internationally for its commitment to a higher standard in business, maintenance, safety, and stewardship of the industry.

From your first day of class, you’re six terms away from a CFI-I rating.

Through an integration of multiple learning strategies including video and audio, Guidance Aviation offers a training system seen nowhere else: Flight Cost Reduction Training.

By receiving ground training through advanced simulation and the best teaching techniques available, students can maximize their flight training time and dollars.

"Guidance is in the business to create high quality pilots. They are very professional, approaching the creation of pilots for the industry in the right way.

The people I have personally sent to Guidance are all successfully employed in the industry.

Terry Miyauchi

Aviation Administrator at Arizona Department of Public Service, Guidance Graduate

There has never been a better time to get into the helicopter industry as a professional pilot.

Global demand for helicopter pilots is at an all time high and Guidance Aviation is here to ensure your success in starting your professional career.

Our long standing relationships with leading hiring organizations in the helicopter industry provide access to your first job as a professional helicopter pilot.

Instructors inspecting an aircraft during one of GA’s Safety Stand Down Days.

Safety Is Our First Priority

At Guidance Aviation nothing matters more than ensuring that every student is as safe as possible.
We have developed our air tight Safety Management System (SMS) which students and staff all practice without exceptions. We have also teamed up with ARGUS International Inc. utilizing their PRISM SMS Solutions as well as C.V. STARR & Co., Inc. to provide the safest environment possible for staff and students alike.

Real World Training

We believe that providing students with the most realistic training possible is key to producing the most effective pilots moving into the industry today.

Here at Guidance you will get the opportunity to apply your training in unique, real world operations that are designed to set you up for success as a professional helicopter pilot.

Guidance Aviation and its collegiate partners are leaders in Veteran flight training.

We are approved by the Arizona State Approving Agency for the training of veterans using veteran education benefits.

Guidance has brought flight training into the 21st century.

We have developed and utilize the most cutting edge technology available in order to facilitate the most accessible, cost effective, and efficient training possible for you.
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