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Big Easy Airborne

Making It Look All Too Easy, Son of The South and U.S. Air Force Veteran, F-16 Mechanic Jumps Feet First Into Helicopters

big easy kyle guidry guidance aviation baton rouge
Kyle Guidry, helicopter pilot, flight student, Baton Rouge Community College Helicopter Aviation degree program.

Born in the Big Easy and raised in Lafourche Parish, Kyle Guidry spent his days growing up in a small oil and fishing area just south of New Orleans. After enlisting in the United States Air Force, Kyle spent the next six years traveling the world as an F-16 chief / mechanic. He was stationed in Italy, served one tour in Iraq, and traveled all of Europe on temporary duty assignments. During his enlistment with the USAF, Kyle’s soul was reaped by the incredible speed of the aircraft while his eyes were seduced aloft.

Deciding what to do after his military service was tough. “I was familiar with aviation but the thought of pursuing it in a civilian life never crossed my mind. While looking into the aviation field for possible jobs and education, the idea kinda just popped up one day, ‘Why not fly?’ Airplanes never interested me. I did very little research into airplanes. The mobility of helicopters is what really spoke to me. Being able to pick-up and set-down the aircraft anywhere is what I think is pretty cool,” states Guidry.

Last Duty Assignment Provides Guidance

As his last duty assignment, Guidry was stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.  “Prescott is just north of Luke AFB so I looked intousaf us air force logo some aviation programs out there and Guidance Aviation struck home with their dedication to safety and drive to be leaders in the industry of flight training. The professional image really caught my attention. Guidance is growing exponentially. That growth should speak for itself on how strong of a program and school it is as it continues to strive in retaining that position in the flight training industry,” says Guidry.

Eventhough he set his eyes on becoming a pilot, Guidry decided on pursuing University for a few years back home in Louisiana instead of attending Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona. He earned an internship working in an office, but as Guidry explains, “NO! Something had to change.”

Feet First to Baton Rouge

r66 helicopter super dome louisiana
Guidance Aviation R66 landing at the Super Dome.

The following day, Guidry made a call to Guidance Aviation. “CJ Schneider answered the phone and informed me that literally on the day I called, their new program with Baton Rouge Community College had been approved.  I made a tough decision and jumped in feet first.  No words can express how happy I am with that decision,” remarks Guidry.

Not All That Easy

Guidry, now in his Commercial Semester, Fall 2014, was lucky enough to be the first Private Pilot Class to start the new aviation degree program at BRCC.  “It’s been a tough road but one that is easily accomplished if you dedicate yourself to becoming a pilot. I just keep my eyes on the end goal and it pushes me through. The most challenging thing has definitely been retaining all the information. As one would imagine, you need to know a lot of information to be able to fly a helicopter. The information can’t be learned and then discarded. It must be absorbed and retained. Retaining and implementing all the information, as well as learning how to fly the aircraft has been the hardest thing,” says Guidry.

Most Memorable – The First Solo Cross Country Flight

“My most memorable experience to date was definitely the first solo cross country. On your ownbaton rouge community college new helicopter pilots handling the helicopter for the first time is amazing. It’s serene, exhilarating, and focusing all at once. It was the first time what I was doing now actually sunk in,” states Guidry.

Conservation and Desire to Make A Difference

big easy baton rouge r66
Guidry flying the R66 over Baton Rouge, LA.

Guidry says both EMS and firefighting have their draws but he’s very interested in pursuing something either in wildlife conservation or wilderness exploration. “The anti-poaching acts in Africa have always interested me. The things happening to wildlife are appalling. I would absolutely love to bring hikers out to week long hiking excursions in remote locales. I really just want it to stay exciting. Anything similar to these and anywhere in the world, bring it on,” says Guidry.

Focusing on The Right Choices

Guidry “definitely” credits his family with providing him the support and guidance to help him make the right decisions.  “As you grow older into adulthood and they (parents) starting letting go of the reins, you can see how they have helped guide you.  I always go to them with problems and while I don’t always go with their advice, I always use it to better focus onto the right choices.

CONTACT Guidance Aviation today and ask to speak to someone in the program. Then, make the right choice.

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