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New Helicopter Pilots and Safety Excellence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

New Helicopter Pilots and Safety Excellence Recognized During BBQ Hosted by Guidance Aviation

baton rouge community college new helicopter pilotsEach semester, new helicopter pilots and safety excellence are recognized at the Baton Rouge Community College РGuidance Aviation BBQ, celebrating the successes of the Baton Rouge Community College helicopter aviation students.  Graduates of this degree program will earn their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, Helicopter Pilot Operations, and will become Certificated Flight Instructors with instrument rating (CFI-I), necessary to teach others how to fly helicopters and become professional helicopter pilots.

Safety Excellence Award Recipients

Helicopter Safety Excellence Award Baton Rouge
Safety Excellence Award Recipient, Joe McArdle, student, (right).

Brannon Stevens, Student

Joseph McArdle, Student

Nick Monroe, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation Flight Instructor

Private Pilots, Helicopters

Helicopter Safety Excellence Award Recipient Nick Monroe Guidance Aviation
Safety Excellence Award Recipient, Nick Monroe, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation Flight Instructor (right).
Patrick Anderson

Jeffrey Arnold

Donald Banks

Josh Blake

Harry Dixon

Thomas Daley

Michael Hymel

Darren Kemp

James Lafluer

Student Helicopter Pilots getting their wings from flight instructors.

Jonathan Marx

Joseph McArdle

Sean Northcutt

Mark Reese

Jacob Shepherd

Brannon Stevens

David Watson

Instrument Rating, Helicopters

Kirk ShafferDSC_5151

Kristopher Barrett

Emmanuel Charlotte

Kyle Guidry

Darenton Hinton

Nelson Isuala

Gabriel Jimenez

James ThomasDSC_5280

Matthew Coffee

Solo Wings

Tyler Alley

Rustin Cothern

Jorge Jaquez-Medina

Quincy Lendo

Christian PaganDSC_5088

Andrew Bourdier

Erick Constantino

James Green

Brandon Jenkins

James Kelly

Clint Nunnery

Matthew ToombsDSC_5084

New Flight Instructors

James Williams, CFI-I

Frank Lowry, CFI-I

Joe Schonert, CFI-I

Jory Camile, CFI-I



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