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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Career Expo Displays Growth in Helicopter Aviation

Embry-Riddle Career Expo Provides Venue for Helicopter Aviation Careers

embry-riddle aeronautical university helicopter aviation
Left To Right: Robert Short, Dave Roy, Ernie The Eagle, and Bret Painter at the Embry-Riddle Career Fair Expo. Ernie got some “hovering” tips from the crew!
Guidance Aviation participated in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU) Career Expo on October 02, 2014, sharing the current and upcoming career opportunities at Guidance Aviation as the helicopter flight training organization continues to grow.

Growth Means Jobs and Career Starts

The past four years are a story of growth, new jobs, and incredible success at Guidance Aviation. Since 2010, full time student enrollment has increased by 342%, the helicopter fleet has grown by 322% while the number of jobs created at Guidance Aviation has increased by 225%. Of the 99 employees at Guidance Aviation, almost 50% are U.S. Military Veterans.

2014-Feb-Vert-Ad_BUILD-V05b_POSTER_72dpi2013 and 2014 were amazing years for Guidance.  CEO John Stonecipher was the recipient of the most prestigious small business award in North America, the United States Small Business Administration’s Business Person of the Year Award.  In 2014, the Manager of Flight Operations, Chris Horton, CFI-I, was awarded Helicopter Association International’s Safety Excellence Award while the Director of Maintenance, Jason Kidd, was awarded the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA), Maintenance Tech of The Year for the State of Arizona.

With helicopter flight schools in Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Guidance Aviation flight operations offer a wide range of flight training environments. The Prescott, Arizona helicopter flight operations offer mountainous, high altitude flight training in one of North America’s most scenic regions where students regularly fly to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Lake Powell.   The over water operations in Baton Rouge, LA. is the gateway to the busiest helicopter operations in the world, the Gulf of Mexico’s Oil and Gas operations – an operational mecca for some of the best helicopter pilots in the world.

Whether you want to be a professional helicopter pilot, flight instructor, or simply want to work with the best flight training organization in the helicopter industry, CONTACT GUIDANCE AVIATION TODAY.


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