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Helicopter Pilot Careers Driven by Off-Shore Oil and Gas Business

Helicopter Pilot Careers driven by Gulf Region’s Off-Shore Oil and Gas Operator Demand for more Transportation to Off-Shore Rigs

helicopter pilot career school graduate Guidance Aviation
Guidance Aviation Graduate, Gulf Pilot, Jay Van Wagenen

Helicopters pilot careers are being driven by a strong demand for new helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico.  As off-shore oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico increase production, they require more off-shore helicopter transportation to the oil rigs.  This demand for helicopters and their pilots won’t even peak until the year 2018, reports the Teal Group.  The report states that between the years 2013 and 2022, a total of 10,300 turbine helicopters worth $60.3 Billion Dollars will enter the market, with a large number of these rotorcraft being medium, twin turbine models.

The oil and gas business is booming in the Gulf region as both on-shore and off-shore operations continue to grow. Earlier this year, it was announced by Govenor Jindal that Shell Oil, a major off-shore operator, would begin on-shore operations as well.  Governor Jindal said, “For more than six decades, Shell has pursued oil exploration and production in both Louisiana and off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico, employing thousands of our people with high-paying energy jobs. Today’s announcement is a historic new opportunity for Shell to potentially expand its manufacturing operations on-shore in a world-class, gas-to-liquids facility in Ascension Parish on the Mississippi River. Here in the heart of Louisiana’s world-scale petrochemical industries, the Gulf Coast GTL project would give thousands more of our people an opportunity for a rewarding career right here at home.”

Baton Rouge Community College, Baton Rouge Louisiana offers an Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS), Aviation Technology, helicopters.  Embedded in the real world of Off-Shore Helicopter Pilot Operations, there is no better place to start your career as a professional helicopter pilot in the Oil & Gas Industry than BRCC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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