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Veterans Day offers a reminder of the service and sacrifice of America’s military personnel.  AOPA announced their offer in May as part of an effort to reach out to members of the military and support their flying goals. The association offers resources for pilots of all stripes, whether they fly recreationally or for the military. If you know someone in the military who would enjoy an free membership, please send them to

Sharing wings to honor those who serve – details:

aopa flight trainingAircraft Owners and Pilots Association wants to make it easy for the men and women of our military to take your love of aviation beyond the uniform with a complimentary one-year membership. If you have any interest in aviation, from military to recreational flying to mechanics, they want to equip you with the tools to safely achieve all your aviation goals.

Your complimentary membership gives you full access to all of the benefits and resources the Association’s 400,000 members enjoy, including:

  • 12 issues of either AOPA Pilot or Flight Training magazine
  • Access to Online flight training tools and safety resources for all skill levels
  • Expert advice and support from AOPA Pilot Information Center staff
  • Support for AOPA’s ongoing advocacy efforts to protect the freedom to fly
  • And much more…

As their way of thanking you for your service, you’ll get all of this and more FREE when you sign up as an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association member.




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