#HugAPilot Photo Sweepstakes

We want them in that cockpit. We need them in that cockpit. So Get to the Chopper and #HugAPilot They take us to play one day and save our lives the next. They find us hopeless in cold dark waters. They rescue us from unforgiving wilderness. They hunt down bad guys day and night, ensuring our … Continued

FAA Completes Nationwide Equipment Installation for NextGen Aircraft Tracking System

NEXTGEN Aircraft Tracking System Enables Air Traffic Controllers to Track Aircraft with Greater Accuracy by FAA.gov The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration today announced the completion of a nationwide infrastructure upgrade that will enable air traffic controllers to track aircraft with greater accuracy and reliability, while giving pilots more information in the cockpit. … Continued

High Altitude Flight Operations Seminar

High Altitude Flight Operations Seminar for General Aviation Pilots – Above 8,000 ft A High altitude operations seminar titled “Aerospace Physiology: Altitude Chamber, Human Factors in Flight High Altitude Operations” will take place on Saturday, April 5, 2014 , starting at 9:00 am MST at the Cottonwood Airport (P52). The seminar is targeted at pilots using general … Continued

Denver, Colorado Public School Student Meets with Aerospace Icon Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut Apollo XI, to Promote Education and Aviation

Denver 7th Grader Wings Up with Astronaut and Aviator to Promote Education Denver, CO. – She has flown in Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcrafts, and even Robinson Helicopters with her father while attending airshows to collect aircraft pins for her flight bag. Along the way, she met Captain Judy Rice of ThinkGlobalFlight.org – A flight around the … Continued

Stay Ahead of The Aircraft AND The Employer

Situational Awareness Is Just as Important During The Interview as It Is in Flight We hear it all the time while training as newbie pilots, career aviators, and during recurrent training: “Stay Ahead of the Aircraft”.  One of our tasks in the cockpit is to mitigate risk by constantly analyzing new information as it becomes … Continued

AOPA.org Honors Service with Free Memberships for Active Duty Military

Veterans Day offers a reminder of the service and sacrifice of America’s military personnel.  AOPA announced their offer in May as part of an effort to reach out to members of the military and support their flying goals. The association offers resources for pilots of all stripes, whether they fly recreationally or for the military. … Continued

Arizona Aircraft Expo – azaircraftexpo.com

Arizona Aircraft Expo azaircraftexpo.com website event info: Arizona’s leading aircraft dealers are working together to create the 5th Annual Arizona Aircraft Expo where the latest models of general aviation aircraft will be on display at one venue. Three separate events are scheduled to take place over the remainder of the year where the general public and prospective … Continued

COPPERSTATE Fly-In and Aviation Expo

COPPERSTATE Fly-In and Aviation Expo, Thurs., Oct. 24th – Sat., Oct 26th, is tomorrow!  Since 1971, the COPPERSTATE Fly-In and Aviation Expo has been a growing event, providing access to a large variety of aircraft, aviation workshops, products, and of course aircraft in action. The COPPERTATE Fly-In now attracts approximately 500 aircraft and 5,000 attendees each … Continued

Tuesday’s Trivia: Name it and Win a Gizmo

Last week’s winner of the helicopter flight training Tuesday Trivia was Israel Tilman.  Name the part below and what aircraft it is from (hint: name the HELICOPTER ).  Most accurate and descriptive answer wins a gizmo… POST YOUR ANSWER ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE TO ENTER: http://www.facebook.com/guidanceaviation  Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed wing … Continued