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COPPERSTATE Fly-In and Aviation Expo

copperstate fly-in aviation expo
Photo courtesy of Copperstate Fly-In Facebook Page

COPPERSTATE Fly-In and Aviation Expo, Thurs., Oct. 24th – Sat., Oct 26th, is tomorrow!  Since 1971, the COPPERSTATE Fly-In and Aviation Expo has been a growing event, providing access to a large variety of aircraft, aviation workshops, products, and of course aircraft in action. The COPPERTATE Fly-In now attracts approximately 500 aircraft and 5,000 attendees each year from 40 U.S. states and 10 countries.

Ultralights, WWII Fighters, Microjets, Experimental and General Aviation Aircraft

Attendees enjoy a wide variety of aircraft on the ground and in the air. Ultralights, WWII fighter jets, to “micro-jets”, general aviation aircraft and much more will be present for public viewing.  Over 1,000 people attend COPPERSTATE’s workshops and forums every year, and several dozen kids participate in youth activities, including a wing rib-building workshop.

Awards Banquet and Exhibitors

Copperstate Fly-in logoOn Saturday night of the event, the aircraft awards and banquest will be held, attracting about 100 participants per year. The COPPERSTATE Fly-In also plays host to about 50 diverse exhibitors. In the “big tent,” a pilot or aviation enthusiast can find just about anything they’re looking for.  For day-by-day event highlights, lots of photos, and a list of the 2012 aircraft judging awards recipients.

Videos from the Copperstate 2012 Fly-In

COPPERSTATE Fly-In 2012, The Gathering Part I:

COPPERSTATE Fly-In 2012, The Gathering Part II:

COPPERSTATE Fly-In 2012, The Gathering Part III:

COPPERSTATE Fly-In 2012, The Gathering Part IV:

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