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Flight training students, veterans, helicopters and airplanes gather at Guidance Aviation BBQ in Prescott, AZ

Here are the first set of pictures from the gathering of our flight training students, instructor pilots, family, friends and staff at the May 2011 BBQ at Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona. More to come!
Click on any of the pics below for larger viewing:

John Stonecipher, CEO, Guidance Aviation and Bobby Fields of the Prescott Veteran Center ( )  Thank you for coming out Bobby, we hope to see you again!

The Guidance Aviation family and friends, May 2011!

Now that’s a good looking flight crew!

Hangar stories! 🙂

Another perfect day at Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona.

Four of many helicopter flight students receiving new ratings.  Congratulations!
Helicopter rides were taking place throughout the entire event so don’t miss the next BBQ.
Guidance Aviation pilots were spreading outbreaks of PiperSport Perma-Smiles!
Brand spankin’ new and fun to fly with the Garmin 696 and autopilot! Get checked out and rent the PiperSport light sport aircraft.
Student pilots, family and friends. Check out that mid-air refueling on the right! That’s multi-tasking….something pilots do with ease.
Get your wings at Guidance Aviation.  Congrats to our flight students!
Flight students, beware of Moose Drool.
Passing the torch, or, the stick in this case.  Who’s the PIC in this pic?
Horton is still spreading the contagion: “PiperSport Perma-Smile”.  That young man is hooked for life.
Dad, she is clearly a future pilot. She was more interested in looking at the shiny new helicopter than the camera.  Another smile full of pride!
Caught waiting in line for seconds…
More hangar talk and good times.
Our MC for the day!  Thanks JJ.
It was a picture perfect day, especially if you were taking a demo ride in the PiperSport!
More stellar students.
Thanks again to the Vet Center ( ) for coming out!
Thanks everyone! More pics to be posted this month both in the Guidance Aviation Flight Training News Blog and Facebook.
Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed wing flight training utilizing the newest aircraft and best equipment available. For more information, go to or

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