Helicopter Association International and Aviation Industry Tell Senate Caps Harm Veterans

Helicopter Association International (HAI), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO), and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) all have signed a joint written statement for the record to the US Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, warning that draft legislation to amend the Post 9/11 … Continued

DARPA VTOL X-Plane Takes Off

DARPA’s VTOL X-Plane project has taken off as Sikorsky Aircraft Company and Aurora Flight Sciences have both won contracts for Phase I of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) [www.darpa.mil] experimental VTOL program .  The four year, $130 million project goal is to develop an experimental aircraft that flies faster than 300kts, has a … Continued

Financing Flight Training: The Parent Plus Loan

by Robert Short, Student Services Manager, Guidance Aviation, Email Robert at robert@guidance.aero .Offices: 877-235-9444 (gr) Financing flight training can be daunting.  Whether you are pursuing a career as a Helicopter pilot, Airplane pilot,  UAV pilot, Flight Dispatcher or Airport Manager, you have a number of financing options and loan programs to review when it comes to … Continued

Sedona Airport Family Fun Day

Sedona Airport will host a family fun day on September 15, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. See lots of really cool aircraft – from old military, antiques and restored to new, modern, state of the art arcraft with full glass cockpits. Walk and talk with pilots and learn about the world of aviaiton. … Continued

Flight Cost Reduction Training: Servers Added to Support Growth in Flight Training Programs

Our proprietary simulation programs and 24/7 access to instructional videos are two major components of Guidance Aviation’s Flight Cost Reduction Training (FCRT). In order to support our growing programs, we’ve recently upgraded our servers in order to host our helicopter and airplane instructional videos and to provide access for our students 24/7 within the secure section … Continued

Guidance Aviation Plays Dirty to Keep Prescott Clean and Adopts Highway 89

Prescott, AZ., Friday, July 13, 2012 – The Guidance Aviation staff took a day off from flying helicopters and airplanes on Friday, July 13th to clean up a section of HWY 89.  Guidance adopted the portion of HWY 89, adjacent the Prescott Airport, and is committed to the effort twice per year, spring and fall. … Continued

Airplane Pilot Maddie Roy solos her first aircraft at Guidance Aviation

Another lady has come one step closer to the gaining her certificate as airplane flight training student Maddie Roy soloed for the first time on Wednesday, June 13 at Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona. Maddie is currently enrolled in the Global Securities and Intelligence Studies (GSIS) program at ERAU while taking her flight training at … Continued

The Future of Manufacturing: 3-D Printing and Aviation

Many don’t know that 3-D printing is already here.  Imagine sketching out a model of an airplane you’d like to build and fly and all you have to do is download 3-D drawings of that airplane and simply press PRINT.  In minutes a full scale, working/flying 3-D model of that airplane is created right in … Continued

International Helicopter and Airplane Flight Training Students Use Guidance Connect: Video Skype, Text Chat

http://www.guidance.aero/guidance-connect If you want to Contact Us about enrollment in our Professional Helicopter Pilot flight training program but don’t have access to a phone, use Guidance Connect and talk to Student Services via Video Skype, Skype call or Text chat. For more info, check out the page at: http://www.guidance.aero/guidance-connect Get connected, Get flying! http://www.guidance.aero/guidance-connect