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Flight Cost Reduction Training: Servers Added to Support Growth in Flight Training Programs

Our proprietary simulation programs and 24/7 access to instructional videos are two major components of Guidance Aviation’s Flight Cost Reduction Training (FCRT).

In order to support our growing programs, we’ve recently upgraded our servers in order to host our helicopter and airplane instructional videos and to provide access for our students 24/7 within the secure section of our website MyGA.  Additionally, we’ve been producing new videos including the most recent:

  • R22 Start Up Video
  • R44 Start Up Video
Soon, we’ll be adding new helicopter and airplane instructional videos to our existing video collection.  We will be distributing Login-In credentials to the student body and faculty members within the next 10 days.
Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed wing flight training utilizing the newest aircraft and best equipment available. For more information, go to or

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