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The Future of Manufacturing: 3-D Printing and Aviation

Many don’t know that 3-D printing is already here.  Imagine sketching out a model of an airplane you’d like to build and fly and all you have to do is download 3-D drawings of that airplane and simply press PRINT.  In minutes a full scale, working/flying 3-D model of that airplane is created right in your home or office.  Or, imagine you need a crescent wrench for a small plumbing job at home and can’t find the wrench because your eight year old son used it to hunt bugs in the yard — bye,bye wrench.

In the past, this meant a trip to the hardware store where you spend five minutes acquiring the wrench and two hours salivating over the newest BBQ on sale.  The salivating is over as 3-D printers have come to market.

Check out this 3-D printer video below as well as the model aircraft built by a 3-D printer.
The future of manufacturing?

Check out this R/C Model Aircraft manufactured entirely from a 3-D printer. Perhaps one day
all you’ll have to do is shop online for your favorite plane or helicopter and hit PRINT & SHIP.
If industry can find a way to do the same on large scale with composites that are strong enough
for commercial operation, imagine the future.

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