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Infectious Outbreak Traced To Flight School and PiperSport LSA in Prescott, AZ.

It was determined this past week that the newly discovered outbreak of PiperSport Perma-Smilecan be traced back to the flight school at Guidance Aviation and it’s PiperSport LSA (light sport aircraft) in Prescott, Arizona.

According to the Director of the CSC (Center for Smile Control) Mai Ivory, “Apparently, pilots and passengers are unable to remove the smiles from their faces for extended periods of time after flight in the PiperSport LSA”.

Examples of the outbreak are depicted on the exaggerated PiperSport Perma-Smiles seen pictured right.  Looks painful.

At this time, the only remedy established for PiperSport Perma-Smile is more flying and an “Intro-Flight Inoculation”. *

We will continue to cover this epidemic as more outbreaks occur.  If you have pictures illustrating examples of the PiperSport Perma-Smile, please send them to us to share on the web at: [email protected]

*Waiver: Intro-flight inoculations may not remedy the condition and may lead to further need of flying of the Piper Sport or Sport Cruiser at Guidance Aviaiton.

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