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New Flight Student BBQ & Awards Ceremony at Guidance Helicopters

Get your BBQ and flight suit on this Friday, May 13, 2011 at 1700 – 1900 local time, during the new flight student BBQ and awards ceremony which will take place at Guidance Helicopters hangar at the Prescott Airport.

Helicopter flights will be given to family and friends of students.

BBQ includes hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, sodas and cookies.

Students are encouraged to wear flight suits!

Did you know that Guidance Aviation also has a fixed wing operation with both the PiperSport LSA / SportCruiser as well as the Cirrus SR 20, both with ballistic recovery systems?! 

Find out more about the high altitude flight training programs for civilians and veterans at the BBQ!

See what veterans have to say about the Guidance Helicopter high altitude flight training program using their Post 911 GI Bill benefits in the video below.

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Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed wing flight training utilizing the newest aircraft and best equipment available. For more information, go to or

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