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Wakeboarding Summer Sickness Series

Wakeboarding Competition Grows, 2013 Summer Sickness Series Results

Wakeboarding Competition Grows as Kevin Henshaw wins $5,045 at the 2013 Summer Sickness Series finals

Kevin Henshaw took first place at The Summer Sickness Series, Wakeboarding At The Point on August 31st, and was awarded $5,045 by the event’s premier sponsor, Guidance Aviation. Henshaw beat out 2 other pros in the finals during a series of events which took place at Antelope Point Marina, Lake Powell.  Sam Cole took second place while Ryan Platt of the ASU Wake Devils took third in the Men’s Pro division under the glow of Guidance Aviation’s new, Ferrari red Robinson R66 turbine helicopter sitting atop the Guidance flagship, “Miss Guided”.

As the competitors were catching air, the spectators and kids took part in their own competition, Best Catch off Dock!  During all of this, the “Miss Guided” ship’s air cannons were firing for effect, launching T-shirts for all!

Be looking for next year’s 2014 Summer Sickness Series to be even SICKER as Antelope Point Marina, Guidance Aviation and other sponsors and organizers have already begun planning for next year’s wakeboarding event at The Antelope Point Marina, Lake Powell.  Below, you’ll find a SICK HIGHLIGHT VIDEO, PHOTOS as well as the breakdown of the results.

2013 Summer Sickness Series Finals, Wakeboarding Video & Photos

Summer Sickness Series Wakeboarding Helicopter Lake Powell

The 2013 Summer Sickness Series Wakeboarding Final Results were:

Men’s Pro:

1. Kevin Henshaw

2. Sam Cole

3. Ryan Platt

$5045 wakeboard event winner
Kevin Henshaw awarded $5,045.00 by Guidance Aviation CEO John Stonecipher. Left to Right: Sam Cole, Kevin Henshaw, John Stonecipher, Ryan Platt

Jr Mens:

1. Gus Reed

2. Wyatt Engle

3. Jacob Doyle

Summer Sickness Series Lae Powell Wakeboard winners


1. Robert Landon

2. Doug Jardhe

getting air at wakeboard competition, lake powell


1. Ash Hanning

2. Destiny Bennitt

3. Beka Manny

John Stonecipher, women's wakeboard champion, Guidance Aviation wakeboard event, lake powell

Novices Over 13:

1. Christian Penrod

2. Andy Birch

3. Austin Griffin

Wakeboarding at Summer Sickness Series 2013

Novices under 13:

1. Blake Landon

2. Maycee Cunningham

Girls jumping off Guidance Aviation houseboat Lake Powell wakeboarding event

2013 summer sickness series, lake powell, wakeboarding contest

The 2013 Summer Sickness Series Poster:

Be looking for the 2014 poster !!!

Summer Series Sickness Poster

Check out the Prelim #3 Photo Album from July 20th: HERE

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