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Moustaches and Pilots, An All American Event

It’s The 2013 All American Moustache Contest & Student BBQ,

Moustaches and Pilots dominated the all American event and once again everyone had a feast during Guidance Aviation’s September Student BBQ. During the event, new students were recognized while current students and staff members were acknowledged for their accomplishments.

Most notable was the 2013 All American Moustache Contest that took place during the Guidance Aviation student BBQ. Who was the winner? Well, “IF YOU MOUSTACHE”, here is the answer in this epic, stiff upper lipped production by Guidance Aviation.  Make sure to WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT, at the very end the winner gets his tiara!!

Congratulations to Jason Martin, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation. Jason has been crowned as our 2013 All American Moustache Winner.  Also noteworthy was the participation of Curtis “On A Stick” Marshall, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation.

Check out the images and event galleries below!

2013 All American Moustache Photo Gallery

Student Accomplishments

Certified Flight Instructor, Instruments – Helicopters:Student helicopter Pilot Recognition

Derek Allensworth, CFI-I

Ben Ryan, CFI-I

Ben Galloway, CFI-I

Travis Shull, CFI-I

Jesse Hernandez, CFI-I

James Williams, CFI-I

Student helicopter Pilot RecognitionJake Larsen, CFI-I


Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) – Helicopters:

Nick Meyers

Ken Mionske

Josh Phares

Ben Ryan

2013 Guidance Aviation Student BBQ Prescott Centennial CenterAndy Stroupe


Commercial Helicopter Pilots:

Lee McKay

Sean Regehr

Dean Contreras

Brad Poyner

Student helicopter Pilot Recognition WingsJames Galan

Jesus Jimenez

Frank Lowry

Casey White

Joe Schoenert

Luke McMordie


Student helicopter Pilot RecognitionInstrument Rating – Helicopters:

Juan Arcefebels

Michael Scott

David Franklin

Joel Skaggs

Tony Foley Matt Sepi

Christina Gonzales

Lisa & Mindy greeting guests at prescott centennial centerJosh Warner

Devin Ingram

Kevin Yip


Private Pilot – Helicopters:

Dustin Blue

Jason Novo

Brandon Day

Student BBQ at Guidance Aviation Prescott Centennial CenterLuis Pena

Jon Depinet

Spencer Proctor

Andrew Ernst

Justin Sayler

Chase Grantham

Ryan Shaw

2013-guidance-aviation-student-BBQ (18)Seth Harding

Zach Talraas

Greg Hess

Chris Tatum

James Lee

Israel Tilman

Charles Mabry

Student helicopter Pilot Recognition WingsRendell Veldstra

Jose Masiclat


First Helicopter Solos:

Jason Benefiel

Greg Lucas

John Bryant

Daryl Martin

David Roy and Ron Stokes at 2013 Guidance Aviation Student BBQEmmanuel Charlotte

Jose Masiclat

Max Collins

Andrew Peck

Rocky Duff

Daniel Rouse

Matt Fischer

I'm a little tea pot, new employee dance, Guidance AviationNathan Russel

Justin Gentner

Tyson Snyder

Ben Hagle

Sylvester Southwell

Paul Lamley

Jeff Venes

Prescott Fire Department charitybooth at 2013 GA BBQBrandon Lee

Cory Weberg


Instructor Pilot Wings:

Nick Buller, CFI-I


Ground Instructor Recognition:

Nick Buller – Private 1

Prescott Fire Department charity and helicopter rides at 2013 GA BBQRob Ardy – Private 2

Erik Gulbrandsen – Instrument

Dean Roderick – Commerical

Curt Marshall – CFI

Zach Hardwick – CFI-I


Safety Excellence Award Recipients:

David MiCale, Flight Instructor, Recognition Plaque, Guidance Aviation Student BBQScott Mahon, CFI-I

David Micale, CFI-I


1,000 Hours Award – Incident, Accident Free:

Brett Woods, CFI-I

Trent “Hunter” Jefferson, CFI-I

Wyatt Fox, CFI-I


Broken Wing Award*:

Brett Woods Student helicopter Pilot Safety Recognition Broken WingsBrett Woods, CFI-I

*This is the first time this has been awarded to anyone at Guidance Aviation. Congratulations Brett, great job.


Safety Board Acknowledgements:

Chris Horton, CFI-I

Jason Kidd, Director of Maintenance, Prescott Wing and Rotor


Christopher Horton, Guidance Aviation, recognition plaqueNew Hires – Employees – Prescott, Arizona:

Jason Benefiel – Dispatch / Scheduling

Justin Slayer – Dispatch

Andrew Stroupe – Dispatch

Benjamin Hagle – Student Services

Wes Carter, CFI-I – Flight Instructor

Jesse Kirkwood, CFI-I – Flight Instructor

Tyler Murray – Computer Technician

Hannah Larsen – Dispatcher

Nic Monroe, CFI-I – Flight Instructor

Travis Shull, CFI-I – Flight Instructor

James Wakefield, CFI-I – Flight Instructor

CJ Schneider III, CFI-I – Flight Instructor / Student Services / Part time puppy rancher

Michael Krulac, Maintenance

veteran helicopter pilot school
Baton Rouge Flight Instructors (CFI-I), left to right: Nic Monroe, CJ Schnieder III, Matt Cavenagh (Chief Pilot), Travis Shull, Jake Larsen. (Jay Wakefield not pictured).

Event Gallery:


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