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The Magic Kingdom of Helicopter Pilots – HELI-EXPO 2014

Mickey’s got nothing on HELI-EXPO 2014

Magi Kingdom of Helicopter Pilots - Heli-Expo 2014The aircraft have arrived at this year’s HELI-EXPO, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center, adjacent to Disneyland.  For pilots, industry professionals, and enthusiasts, the convention center has been transformed into the rotorcraft industry’s Magic Kingdom, complete with manufacturers, service providers, and flight schools.  It truly is “The Happiest Place on Earth” – for helicopter lovers that is…From Sikorsky and Boeing, to Russian Helicopters and Eurocopters, you’ll find leading organizations in the industry. Here are some of the aircraft as they began to arrive over the weekend!  For more info on the largest helicopter convention in the world, go to our previous article: LINK

About HELI-EXPO 2014

“HAI HELI-EXPO is the world’s largest helicopter exposition and trade show. More than 20,000 helicopter industry professionals from all around the world get together each year to look over the latest in vertical-lift manufacturing, equipment, and avionics, to network with industry peers, suppliers, and vendors, and to discuss our industry’s challenges and celebrate its achievements.” [SOURCE:]

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