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HELI-EXPO 2015 Flight Operations and Logistics – How They Do It

This past March 2015, Orlando, Florida became the world’s busiest heliport during HAI’s HELI-EXPO.  What do you get when you squeeze 18,000 people, 735 exhibitors, and a serious grip-load of helicopters into a single location? You get the world’s largest annual helicopter convention. To pull this off safely each year, HAI has a HELI-OF-A logistics operation to support the event.

The following video, co-produced by Rotorcraft Pro and Guidance Aviation, provides unique perspectives before, during, and after Helicopter Association International’s annual convention. HELI-YEAH!

Bonus Videos from HELI-EXPO 2015

HELI-EXPO 2015 Overview

Co-produced by Rotorcraft Pro and Guidance Aviation


Behind The Scenes of The Airbus Unveil

Co-produced by Rotorcraft Pro and Guidance Aviation

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