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Flight School and F15 Pilot wing up to lift character and dreams

Guidance Aviation flight instructors and staff members winged up with Colonel Denny Peeples, Prescott High School JROTC, F15 Pilot and Prescott High School AF JROTC members for a two day course on aviation sectional charts in February, 2011.

Colonel Denny Peeples, AF JROTC Instructor, teaches a Private Pilot ground school to advanced JROTC students and Guidance Aviation has offered to take part in the program. The students in the Science of Flight course will progress to the ground school in the fall and Guidance Aviation will be working with the AF JROTC department to introduce aviation to their cadre.”

The Prescott High School JROTC ( ) offers four core courses: PE, US/AZ History, World History, Science of Flight, and Senior Academy Leadership

Quick Facts on the JROTC program at Prescott High School:

Colonel Denny Peeples: Science teacher, Civil Engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology, MBA, FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot, 24 years in USAF, F-15 pilot

Senior Master Sergeant Cal Martinez: World Geo teacher, born Bisbee, AZ. Campbell Univ., NC Bachelor’s Degree, working on Master in Curriculum & Instruction, Gulf War veteran, 28 yrs. in USAF

AFJROTC Program Overview (Myth vs Facts):  

Prescott High School Main Web:  

Thanks to Colonel Denny Peeples and the JROTC program at Prescott High School which is dedicated to integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all they do.
Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed wing flight training utilizing the newest aircraft and best equipment available. For more information, go to or

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