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Fighter Country Opening, GET READY FOR LUKE DAYS 2011

We will be bringing the PiperSport (N556GA), Robinson R-44 (N344G), T-34 Mentor (N134AF) to the upcoming Luke Days 2011, March 19th – 20th.  Come meet with us about an intro flight in the Piper Sport LSA, fixed wing and helicopter flight training and aircraft sales.  Guidance students, alumni and fans, whoever goes to this event and sends us what we think is the “best pic”, you’ll get “the prize”.




Luke Days 2011 link:

We had a great time at the Cactus Fly-In.  Thanks to all the great folks who put on such an awesome show with great consistency and class!  We snapped a pic of one of our demo flights in the Piper Sport LSA.  Anyone else have some great pics from the Cactus FlyIn to send us?? We were so busy presenting and giving demo flights, we didn’t have time to snap shots of all the great aircraft there!

Demo flight in Piper Sport LSA:

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