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Become an Air Traffic Controller, Flight Service Specialist, Flight Dispatcher at Yavapai College

Arizona high schoolers and adults now have a gateway to multiple aviation careers through Yavapai College’s Aviation Technology Degree program

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Pic courtesy of Bureau of Labor Statistics

Become an Air Traffic Controller, Flight Service Specialist, or Flight Dispatcher right in Prescott, Arizona. Yavapai College of Prescott, AZ has developed an Aviation Technology degree program for students pursuing aviation careers. The Yavapai College Aviation Technology degree is a two year Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) which prepares students for careers in aviation such as; helicopter or airplane pilots, flight service specialists, dispatchers, flight instructors, and airport managers. The degree also prepares students for the entrance exam into the FAA Air Traffic Control Academy in Oklahoma City.

FAA To Hire 10,000 Air Traffic Controllers over the Next 10 Years – ATC Average Salary $122,530 per year

FAA logoAs reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (, the FAA is set to hire 10,000 air traffic controllers in the next 10 years, with 6,000 of those being hired within the next 5 years. Additionally, a looming airplane pilot shortage due to retirements and new FAA rulings means fixed-winged pilots are in high demand. The helicopter industry is booming worldwide due to pilot retirements, industry growth, and international pilot demand.

DID YOU KNOW!!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2012 average pay for an Air Traffic Controller is $122,530 per year! [SOURCE]

Yavapai College works with Air Traffic Controllers, Lockheed Martin to develop aviation career programs

Yavapai College Helicopter Pilot SchoolDean John Morgan of Yavapai College’s Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) utilized industry experts such as Bill McKnight, a long time air controller with Phoenix Sky Harbor and Prescott Airports, Lockheed Martin Flight Service Specialist Kyle Weirauch, and aircraft dispatcher experts to develop the curricula ensuring the programs fully prepare the Aviation Technology program graduates for their respective aviation careers. Additionally, the college has developed contracts with two flight training operations in Prescott, Arizona. Guidance Aviation is the sole provider of helicopter flight training for the college’s Professional Helicopter Pilot Program while NorthAire provides airplane flight training for the college’s Professional Airplane Pilot program.

Yavapai College’s Helicopter Program Extremely Successful

R44 helicopter flight simulator X-Copter
Helicopter Flight Simulator:

“Both our helicopter and airplane programs have been extremely successful and we’re proud that our programs are Military Friendly for eligible U.S. Veterans using their GI Bill benefits for training. The Operations and Management programs (air traffic controllers, flight service specialists, aircraft dispatchers, airport management) are outstanding opportunities for our high school students and adults in Arizona,” states Dean Morgan.

Applications being accepted for Fall Semester 2014

Yavapai College is accepting applications for the Operations and Management programs. For more information, Contact Robert Short in Student Services at Guidance Aviation.


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