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Whirly-Girls Names Guidance Aviation Level 1 Sponsor

February 23, 2015, Lakewood, CO – On thewhirly girls logo eve of their 60th Anniversary, Whirly-Girls International named Guidance Aviation its Level 1 sponsor as the organization dedicated to promoting women in helicopter aviation plans its participation in the 2015 HAI HELI-EXPO in Orlando, Florida.

Chelsi Nelson, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation Flight Instructor.

Guidance Aviation has committed a total of $18,000 in cash donations to be evenly distributed over the next three years, 2015 – 2017, to support the Whirly-Girls’ plans to revamp its current website and enhance its reach to future female helicopter pilots..

In addition to the cash donations, Guidance Aviation will also provide an X-Copter training device for the Whirly-Girls’ booth during the 2015 HAI HELI-EXPO, as well as two (2) pilots trained to operate the X-Copter. And, in support of the Whirly-Girls’ marketing and online initiatives for 2015 and beyond, Guidance Aviation is also donating 20 hours of its marketing agency’s time to support the Whirly-Girls future development needs and marketing initiatives. This three year commitment as a Level 1 sponsor of the Whirly-Girls, including cash donations and other support, represents a total approximate value just over $30,000 donated by Guidance Aviation.

Kristen Stonecipher, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation Flight Instructor.

“The opportunity to work with Guidance Aviation and its team of talented professionals is a welcome opportunity for the Whirly-Girls. Guidance Aviation has recognized that our organization needs to extend its reach and will work as a guiding hand, ensuring that our membership and mission are getting the best exposure possible. The Guidance Aviation team is assisting us with the development of a new website and marketing strategies to help bolster recruitment and member retainment,” states Joni Schultz, VP of Operations.

Cristina Odriozalez, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation graduate.

“Over the past 16 years, I have watched drastic fluctuations in female student pilot and flight instructor populations. These fluctuations indicate the industry needs support in improving these populations and striking a healthier balance. I am hopeful that this partnership is the next step to building a strong foundation for a well established development track for female helicopter pilots. Whirly-Girls has always provided valuable guidance, resources, and mentorship to their constituents,” remarks John Stonecipher, President/CEO, Guidance Aviation.

L to R: Chelsi Nelson (CFI-I), Jenn Tremblay (Student), Sarah Trantow (Student), Amanda Kilgore (Student), Kristen Stonecipher (CFI-I).

Guidance Aviation is an FAA approved Part 141 helicopter flight training institution with flight operations in Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Through their collegiate partner programs, graduates earn both their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, Aviation Technology – Helicopters, and the necessary FAA certificates and ratings (CFI-I) to become working, professional helicopter pilots. Guidance Aviation is a military friendly organization – the majority of its employees and students are U.S. Military Veterans.

Contact GUIDANCE AVIATION today and get your career started flying helicopters!

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