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60 Jobs Created in Last 12 Months, More Jobs, Helicopters, Fleet Upgrades

Guidance Aviation Exhibiting at HAI’s Helicopter Career Fair

Charly Mabry, CFI-I, flight instructor, Guidance Aviation, Baton Rouge. Mabry, a U.S. Military Veteran, was recently hired after graduating from the program.

Prescott, AZ., Baton Rouge, LA., February 24, 2015 – Guidance Aviation hired 60 professionals in the last 12 months (02/14 – 02/15) – that’s just over one job created each week by the primary helicopter flight training institution.

To support its growth, Guidance Aviation will be attending Helicopter Association International’s Helicopter Industry Career Fair at HELI-EXPO 2015 in Orlando, Florida. The organization will be seeking resumes of flight instructors, mechanics, administrative and management personnel to support future growth. The HAI Career Fair takes place Tuesday, March 03, 2015.


ads-b g500h glass panels guidance aviation
Garmin G500H panel upgrades in the Guidance Aviation IFR fleet.

In addition to increasing its payroll and creating new jobs, Guidance Aviation is expanding and upgrading its helicopter fleet. “Currently, we have (13) R44s in the fleet, with (2) more on the way. As we add new R44′s, they will have the G500H glass panels installed. We also have (3) R66 turbines in the line-up, a fourth R66 arriving in February 2015, and a fifth one new from the factory in March, 2015. All of the new R66 turbines have Aspen EFD 1000H Pro/HSI glass panels. Finally, we are already initiating ADS-B compliance in our helicopters. Our ADS-B work is well ahead of the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate designed to improve situational awareness and safety for pilots,” states Jason Kidd, Director of Maintenance, Guidance Aviation.

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