Anything is Possible If You’re Totally Committed To It

Chris Tatum, a former professional rock climbing instructor and guide, was ready for a change and wanted more for his wife and daughter. He knew a career flying helicopters was for him. After two years of commitment and hard work, Chris is now a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI-I), helicopters, at Guidance Aviation. In the video … Continued

Better Lifestyles and Real World Flight Environments – Guidance Aviation

Focusing on the person AND the pilot, Guidance Aviation creates unique opportunities for both its helicopter flight instructors and students. The mission is to improve lifestyles surrounding the flight operations while embedding both instructors and students pilots in real world flight scenarios and environments which will enrich their learning experiences and provide them the knowledge … Continued

Unique Opportunities for Flight Instructors and Students at Guidance Aviation

Check out what U.S. Veterans John Cary, CFI-I, helicopter flight instructor, and Israel Tilman, helicopter flight student and mountain biker have to say about the opportunities being created at Guidance Aviation. Related Links: Wings, Wheels, and Rotors Get A U.S. Military Veteran Vertical A Huge Success for Prescott: The Whiskey Off-Road Mountain Bike Race Helicopter … Continued

Happy New Year – New Flight Training Programs for 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  2012 was a fantastic year and 2013 promises to be even better.  Here’s what’s on the horizon for 2013: Dozens of new, high definition online flight training videos thanks our media department and its commitment to high quality, exceptionally produced visual and audio based learning content. New programs and existing program … Continued

Pilot Profiles: Helicopter flight training milestones

Congrats to more helicopter flight training students for their recent accomplishments!  Blake Bailey has recently earned his Commercial Rating – Helicopters. Nice Job Blake.  Casey White just earned his Instrument Rating – Helicopters.  Congrats Casey!  Last but not least, a big congratulations to Jeremy Hartt on earning his CFI – Certified Flight Instructor – Helicopters. … Continued

Helicopter Pilot Training Success

We have more helicopter pilot training success stories, including a first solo, a new private pilot, commercial checkride and another professional pilot is made, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), at Guidance Aviation. Great job Ryan Proctor, CFI, helicopters! Eric Ramirez, Commercial Checkride, helicopters, nicely done.. Sean Regehr, Private Pilot, helicopters! First helicopter solo, Joel Skaggs, congratulations! … Continued

Helicopter Pilot Training, Career Placement Success

September, 2012, Alumni Dept., Guidance Aviation – This past week, upon graduating from the Yavapai College, Professional Pilot Degree Program, Helicopters, Nathan Lyon, CFII, Guidance Aviation Graduate and U.S. Marine Veteran, packed his truck and moved to St. Augustine, Florida where he started his career as a professional helicopter pilot for Old City Helicopters. “While … Continued

Former Chief Instructor Pilot of Guidance Aviation, Kristi Grant, featured in Vertical Magazine, Special Guest Speaker at Safety Stand Down

Pilot Kristi Grant, once Chief Instructor Pilot at Guidance Aviation, talks about her high altitude helicopter flight training and her career as a professional pilot in Vertical Magazine: READ: Special Guest Speaker on Safety Stand Down Day Mr. David Huntziner, MS, Ph.D.Safety Science,Sr. VP Helicopter Services,ARGUS PRISM Dr. David Huntzinger, Senior Vice President … Continued