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Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Instructor’s Dream of Flying Helicopters and Helping Others Comes True

Most emergency personnel will tell you they only see the front end of an unfortunate incident.  Rarely do the EMS and Search and Rescue professionals get to see the result of their work and have the opportunity to meet the people they have assisted.  On Saturday, August 25, 2012 during the Grand Canyon Valle Airport Thunder Over the Coconino VIII, Trent Jefferson, CFII at Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona met up with Jeff Boatman, professional pilot.

Boatman, a seasoned Helicopter Pilot with over 28,000 hours of pilot in command time in helicopters, was leaving the Valle Airport airspace when his Huey experienced catastrophic transmission failure on November 15, 2011. With a broken pelvis and numerous broken vertebrae, Boatman was able to cut himself free of the wreckage and make a call to 911 on his cell phone.  911 operators then contacted Valle Airport and asked them to radio any aircraft in the area.  Jefferson, on a training flight with a student, was in the area.  Within just a few minutes, Jefferson was able to locate the wreckage and Boatman and provided the location of the accident scene to DPS aircraft in the area.
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“I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my career,” says Jefferson.  “To not only help someone in need  but then have the privilege to meet them later is inspiring.  I am glad to see Mr. Boatman doing well.”

The story we posted on Nov 17 regarding Jefferson’s training flight and helping to find Boatman can be read HERE.

Special thanks to Valle Airport Management for making this meeting happen!  The yearly airshow that Valle Airport produces is a great event and the aviation museum at Valle Airport is something everyone should see.


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