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Helicopter Pilot Training, Career Placement Success

September, 2012, Alumni Dept., Guidance Aviation – This past week, upon graduating from the Yavapai College, Professional Pilot Degree Program, Helicopters, Nathan Lyon, CFII, Guidance Aviation Graduate and U.S. Marine Veteran, packed his truck and moved to St. Augustine, Florida where he started his career as a professional helicopter pilot for Old City Helicopters.

“While I was in Afghanistan serving in the “only branch” of the military, I contacted Lisa in Student Services at Guidance Aviation.  The fact that I could use my GI Bill Benefits and that Guidance was a High Altitude facility helped me to choose Guidance Aviation.  Now, I am starting my career as a tour pilot in Florida.  The PIC (“Pilot in Command”) time I received flying the Robinson R44 at Guidance Aviation set me up for this job.  Without the R44 hours, the job would have gone to someone else,” stated Lyon.

When asked what he liked most about Guidance Aviation, Lyon remarked, “Guidance has the best instructors. Awesome knowledge, great decision making.  Even when I wasn’t sure about myself, my instructor would convey to me You Got This, and he was right.”

“So what’s “The Only Branch” of the U.S. Military,” we asked.

“Well, the U.S. Marines, of course,” responded Lyon.

Congratulations Nathan, we are proud of you. YOU GOT THIS!

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