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Salute to Heroes and Helicopters Raise $22,000 for Homeless Veterans


On March 20-21, 2015, the 5th Annual Salute to Heroes took place at the Prescott Valley Event Center. The event raised over $22,000 and attracted approximately 12,000 people. According to U.S. VETS, over $4,200 of the total proceeds was raised by Guidance Aviation, which provided helicopter rides and demo rides in the organization’s newest helicopter flight simulators, the X-Copter.

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“The Salute To Heroes event was instrumental in bringing both financial support to our homeless veterans population as well as awareness to our community. Guidance Aviation played a pivotal roll by donating its resources to make this event a success. U.S.VETS – Prescott appreciates Guidance Aviation’s continued commitment and dedication towards our homeless veterans,” says Matthew Phillips, Development & Activities Coordinator, U.S. VETS.

“We are very pleased to be a part of such a successful event and supporting an organization like U.S. Vets. We hope to be a part of many future events like this, supporting U.S. Vets and other Veteran organizations,” states Dave Roy, Director of Communications, Guidance Aviation.

Salute to Heroes is an annual event celebrating our First Responders while also benefiting a local charity.

U.S.VETS is a private non-profit organization providing housing, employment and counseling services to our nation’s veterans,the men and women from all branches of the armed forces who have served their country from World War II to the current conflict in Afghanistan.

Video and Photos from Salute to Heroes 2015

Guidance Aviation is an FAA approved Part 141 helicopter flight training institution with schools in Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Each of these flight operations has a collegiate partner program. Graduates acquire both their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees and the necessary Ratings and Certificates through Certified Flight Instructor – Instruments (CFI-I) to become professional helicopter pilots. Guidance Aviation is a military friendly institution as a leading trainer and employer of U.S. Military Veterans. For more information, go to Guidance Aviation.

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