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Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation at Guidance Aviation

As Guidance Aviation’s safety program continues to be the dominant focus of flight operations, a number of people have asked what it takes to develop a strong safety culture within such an organization.

Recently in AIN Online, Starr Aviation discussed the safety management system (SMS) implementation process and the associated compliance mentoring program, designed to assist companies make their SMS functional and effective.

“The mentoring process begins with Starr safety and loss control experts interviewing clients and assessing their safety education and experience levels. Flight department safety managers receive one-on-one training sessions (in person or online) on a variety of SMS subjects.

Starr Aviation’s SMS mentoring team, which consists of certified safety professionals, introduces safety managers to risk management using materials such as the National Safety Council Aviation Ground Safety Handbook and an OSHA whitepaper on injury and illness prevention programs. These documents offer guidance on creating company safety policy statements, including the importance of a statement endorsed by senior managers.”  READ MORE

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