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New Jobs at Guidance Aviation, More U.S. Veterans Hired

Over the past 90 days, more jobs have been created and more U.S. Military Veterans have been hired at
Guidance Aviation.  Congratulations to:

Laura Rehbach
Curriculum Development Specialist
Laura is known to carry around a zip lock bag of York Peppermint Patties đŸ™‚ and is working with John, “JJ” Johnson, Director of Academics, on new curriculum development.

Israel Tilman, U.S. Marine Veteran
General Maintenance Tech at Prescott Wing and Rotor (Guidance Aviation’s Maintenance Div.)
Israel also recently completed his first helicopter solo at Guidance! See picture below.

Rob Ardy, CFII, U.S. Air Force Veteran
Flight Operations Assistant
Rob recently completed his Certified Flight Instructor, Instruments, checkride. Another professional helicopter pilot at Guidance Aviation!

Erik Gulbrandsen, CFII
Flight Operations Assistant
Erik, also a professional helicopter pilot, is regarded as one of the best dressed out there.  Has anyone ever seen this guy messy?

David Micale, CFII, U.S. Army Veteran
Flight Instructor
David, thanks for all you do!

Pictures of some of our new employees:

Israel Tilman, U.S. Marine Veteran, first helicopter solo:

Rob Ardy, CFII, US Air Force Veteran:

Erik Gulbrandsen, CFII:

David Micale, CFII, U.S. Army Veteran:

Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed wing flight training utilizing the newest aircraft and best equipment available. For more information, go to or

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