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Reunited: POW and The Last B-26

The Untold War Story and Short Documentary of POW reunited with the last B-26 Bomber

This short documentary shares the journey and memories of WWII B-26 Bomber Pilot, POW Barney Wasowicz as he is flown across the country to see the only flying B-26 in existence. During the experience, the selfless Veteran and public servant takes the opportunity to honor his fellow Prisoners of War.

We hope you all enjoy this video as much as we do. We encourage you to share this video to inspire others to serve and to honor those that have served. Thank you Barney Wasowicz.


On his 18th mission as a bomber pilot during WWII, a German Focke-Wulf 190 wreaked havoc on his B26 Marauder over occupied France with a torrent of cannon rounds and machine gun fire, setting the aircraft ablaze.  Unable to keep the battle damaged Marauder aloft, Barney Wasowicz ordered his flight crew to bail out.  For the next 16 months, Wasowicz and his flight crew would live as a German prisoners of war along with 9,000 allied soldiers.

After the war, Wasowicz chose once again to serve others by becoming a firefighter. 71 years later, the former POW said, “Eventually I forgot about the war. I think everything would have become a blur if I hadn’t run across the opportunity to see the last, B26 bomber. When John (Stonecipher), from Guidance Aviation, heard about my story, he offered to fly me to Fantasy of Flight to see it.”


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