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HAI helicopter pilot school

Paying It Forward with Helicopter Association International

HAI Wants You to Pay It Forward, Be A Mentor

hai helicopter association international help pay it forward
Image Courtesy of HAI

The helicopter industry has provided incredible opportunities to thousands of individuals and organizations.  As helicopter aviation continues to grow, HAI ( Helicopter Association International ) is seeking your help.

From HAI: “Helicopter Association International (HAI) is producing a short video on mentoring, and we need your help. Whatever you do in the helicopter industry — management, pilot, mechanic, etc. — tell us on camera who you are, who you work for, where you learned your skill, who mentored you, and how you have passed it on or how you intend to.

Your video does not need to be fancy. You can even shoot it with your smartphone! We only ask that you shoot it in the highest resolution possible. Then, email HAI’s videographer, Grant Bell, and he will send you instructions on how to get your video to us.

Watch the video below for examples of what your video might look like”:

To speak with one of our graduates about your future in the Helicopter Industry, CONTACT GUIDANCE AVIATION.  Your future is right in front of you!

HAI helicopter pilot school


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