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Lakemaid Beer Brewery Drone Delivery

FAA Shuts Down Beer Delivery Drones on Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota

Lakemaid Beer tests out their “Airborne Drone Draft” – A Case for Drones in the U.S.

Lakemaid Beer Brewery Drone DeliveryAs reported on CNN, The FAA recently shut down beer delivery drones that were flying frosty cases of beer to Minnesota’s ice fisherman on Mille Lacs Lake.  A brewery named Lakemaid was testing out the new beer delivery drone operation on a group of what we might assume were very appreciative anglers.

Apparently, the FAA got wind of the beer drone delivery flight operations through a YouTube video.  The FAA on YouTube? Yep.  Now, our guess is that this is a fantastic marketing scheme. If not, this may just turn the public opinion in favor of drones. On this SuperBowl Sunday, we can only imagine the possibilities!

Do you think that particular drone can haul a case of bottled beer? Regardless, the anglers are now probably angry, and thirsty.  Check out the video. Remember, Don’t Drink and Drone.  Logo Courtesy of Lakemaid Beer

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