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Life Comes Full Circle for One Helicopter Pilot as Another Helicopter Pilot’s Career Takes Off

Left to right: Johnny Stonecipher, Amanda Stonecipher, Kenan Bahadir, Maverick Helicopters and John Stonecipher, CEO & President, Guidance Aviation

If we are fortunate enough through our life, the hard work pays off.  When it does, sometimes we are rewarded with financial gain and often with the respect of others.  We are more fortunate when our influence and success creates success in others and we have the opportunity to witness the phenomenon, making it self evident that our life has come full circle.  The latter recently happened to John Stonecipher, CEO and President of Guidance Aviation on June 9, 2012.

Stonecipher, his wife Amanda and his 2 year old son Johnny met up with Kenan Bahadir, Guidance CFI-I, Guidance Graduate and now a professional helicopter pilot for Maverick Helicopters in the Grand Canyon.  Stonecipher worked the same job more than 15 years ago and in part, that job helped Stonecipher formulate the idea for the first FAA approved high altitude helicopter flight training academy in Prescott, Arizona.

Staff photo of Kenan Bahadir while at Guidance Aviation. UPDATE 5/28/14: Kenan now flies for Air Methods! Congrats Kenan!

“Flying with Kenan brought me back to my roots, where it all started. It was a fantastic day to see Kenan living his dream of being a professional helicopter pilot”, remarked Stonecipher.

“I chose Guidance Aviation because it was simply a better program than the other program(s) offered at the airport at the time”, stated Kenan.  “Less restrictive, access to more airports and more “real world”, off airport operations like mountainous terrain operations”.

Kenan starting helicopter flight training with Guidance Aviation in 2008 and by May of 2010 he was an Instructor Pilot (IP). In December of 2012, Kenan was hired by Maverick Helicopters and is now flying an EC-130 while also staying on part-time at Guidance conducting stage checks.

“I am grateful for what John Stonecipher, CEO, Guidance Aviation, has done for me. He personally called Maverick Helicopters and recommended me”, says Kenan.

UPDATE 5/28/14: Kenan now flies for Air Methods as an EMS pilot! Congrats Kenan!

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Guidance Aviation is an FAA Approved Part 141 Helicopter Flight Training Organization with flight operations inHelicopter flight school Arizona Louisiana Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Graduates acquire both the necessary ratings and certificates to become working, professional helicopter pilots while earning their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree – Aviation Technology.
Guidance Aviation is a U.S. Military friendly organization, committed to continuous improvement and Training To A Higher Standard.

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