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Helicopter Pilot Training Success: Career Placements!

Congratulations to Guidance Aviation flight instructors Alex Clark, CFI-I, Mark Galvin, CFI-I, Billy Ringer, CFI-I and Kyle Shuffler, CFI-I.   Clark and Galvin both recently landed jobs at NorthStar Trekking while Ringer and Shuffler have taken positions at Maverick Helicopters.  Congrats guys!

“My sister, who was studying aeronautical engineering at Embry-Riddle, recommended Guidance Aviation. I did some research on the web and then scheduled my intro flight at Guidance.
It took me about 18 months to go from Private Pilot to CFI-I. About 10 months after earning my CFI-I, I was hired on at Guidance as a flight instructor. March 3, 2013 will be my two year anniversary as a flight instructor.
Recently, our school’s CEO, John Stonecipher, took me out to lunch to discuss the opportunity at NorthStar Trekking.
Mr. Stonecipher made the call to NorthStar’s Director of Operations and wrote a letter of recommendation for me as a pilot candidate. Most importantly, Mr. Stonecipher provided me a lot of encouragement and boosted my confidence. I am forever grateful for this.
I have always thought flying in Alaska would be a great experience. After a year of flying NorthStar tour operations, I can do some heli-skiing ops. I will be flying the AS350B2 (The ASTAR) – many EMS pilots fly these.
I need to thank a few people. I would not be here without the support of my family and friends. My dad has helped me so much with the financial aspect of my training.  Chris Horton, Manager of Flight Operations at Guidance, helped revise my resume and forced me to turn it in one last time into Guidance. That was when Guidance hired me.  Billy Ringer and Ben DeHoyos believed in me and actually were the ones to hire me. Thank you Guidance for the excellent training. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”  -Alex Clark, CFI-I 


I found Guidance while I was a student at ERAU. The program took me about 24 months to acquire my CFI-I, but that includes a whole semester off to complete my degree in Aviation Business and Economics.

I heard about the NorthStar Trekking opportunity from Alex Clark and John Stonecipher, President, CEO, Guidance Aviation.

Mr. Stonecipher was a monumental influence in helping me get this job. He made the call to NorthStar and that was that!

I hope to get into heli-skiing and fire contracts after a season as a tour pilot.” -Mark Galvin, CFI-I


“I heard about the Maverick Helicopters position in late 2012 through John Stonecipher, CEO, President, Guidance Aviation. Both Mr. Stonecipher and Dave Roy, Director of Flight Operations, Guidance Aviation, provided recommendations and the job became a reality for the 2013 season.”
 -William “Billy” Ringer, CFI-I

Kyle Shuffler, CFI-I
Congratulations Kyle on your new job at Maverick Helicopters!

Jay Van Wagenen, Guidance Graduate, flies for ERA:

Nathan Lyon, Guidance Graduate, flies for Old City Helicopters:

Kenan Bahadir, Guidance Graduate, flies for Maverick Helicopters:

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