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back to the future wes carter

Celebrating Back To The Future Day and A New Future

As we celebrate “Back To The Future Day”, we also celebrate a “New Future” as a Guidance Aviation Graduate starts flying his NEWS CHOPPER!

We’ve waited years for it and it’s finally here. Thirty years after the release of “Back to The Future” and twenty-six years after the release of “Back to The Future II” October 21, 2015 has finally arrived.  In Back to The Future II, Marty McFly (great name if you’re a pilot geek) travels back to October 21, 2015 to save his yet to be born children.

Wes Carter Begins His Future Flying News Chopper

We are not only celebrating McFly’s heroic time travel, and a date that is making many of us feel older than the first production helicopter (the Focke-Wulf Fw 61), but also the start of the new career and FUTURE of Wes Carter, CFI-I, helicopter flight instructor and Guidance Aviation graduate. Carter won’t be driving a DeLorean or riding a hover-board. He’ll be doing something WAY cooler. He’ll be flying a Bell Helicopter for the news!

back to the future wes carter

Carter Became A Professional Helicopter Pilot in Only 21 Months. What Do You Want Your Future to Look Like?

“I started my helicopter flight training in May, 2011 and I graduatedWes-Carter-GA-Safety-Excellence.jpg in December, 2012. So, in 21 months total, I went from a zero time newbie student, to a professional aviator teaching others how to fly helicopters. And, I earned my Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS), Helicopter Pilot Operations, at the time. I got hired on at Guidance Aviation as a flight instructor (CFI-I) in August, 2013, and was promoted to Safety Manager in June, 2014.” – Wes Carter, CFI-I

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