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Arizona Aviation Day at The State Capitol

Veterans to be represented at Arizona Aviation Day

Arriving at Arizona Aviation Day, Guidance Aviation CEO John Stonecipher flies to a front row parking spot at the State Capitol.

The ninth annual Arizona Aviation Day will take place Tuesday, February 18, 2014. The event will be held from 11:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. at Arizona’s State Capitol.

This premier event is a state wide industry opportunity to promote the variety and vitality of aviation in Arizona and to meet with State legislators personally and individually.

Guidance Aviation staff, including CEO John Stonecipher, 2013 United States SBA Businessman of The Year Award Recipientand Guidance’s Director of Veteran Affairs Col. Joey Strickland (Ret.), will be in attendance to meet with State Legislators and industry leaders to discuss the significance of aviation’s economic impact on the state of Arizona.  Moreover, almost 50% of Guidance Aviation’s employees are U.S. Military Veterans and Director Strickland will be there emphasizing to Legislators the importance for training, employing, and reintegrating our U.S. Military Veterans.

L-R: John Stonecipher, Karen Fann (R), Andy Tobin (R).

“We are thoroughly committed to the training and reintegration of our U.S. Military Veterans.  There is no better individual to represent our Veterans at this event than Col. Strickland,” states Stonecipher.

During last year’s Aviation Day, Guidance Aviation had the opportunity to meet with State Representatives Karen Fann (R) and Andy Tobin (R).

For More info on this event, check out the Arizona Aviation Day webpage at: and below:


[From AZ Aviation Day Webpage]:  Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Event Chairman Corinne Nystrom at (480) 644-2450.

For Sponsorship and Exhibitor Display, please contact the Sponsorship Chair Michael Hotaling at (619) 819-2272. Additional exhibitor and sponsorship information is available in the sponsorship packet.

Please use the Registration Form link to go to the event information page and register yourself or multiple attendees to attend Arizona Aviation Day at the Capitol.

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