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Prescott Rally 2013

2014 Prescott Rally: HELI-YEAH Video of The Week

The dust-borne demigods of the sunburnt speedways once again converge on the rocky highlands of Prescott Arizona for the 2014 Prescott Rally. Produced by Guidance Aviation, this video provides both aerial views and dash cams of the Rally’s straightaways, cuts, and hair-pin turns. Nothing but “HELI-YEAH” in this video!

This is the second year in a row that Guidance Aviation has provided aerial and ground coverage of the annual Prescott Rally. For more information on the Prescott Rally, check out their website.

If you’d rather fly than drive, check out how you can become a professional helicopter pilot through Guidance Aviation and get your rotor on!
Heli-Yeah Video 2013-Prescott-Rally-Race-Guidance-Aviation-Video

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