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Wheels, Wings, & Rotors Get A U.S. Marine Veteran Vertical

Photo Copyright (c) 2012, Guidance Aviation

Born in Prescott, Arizona,

Israel Tilman grew up traveling
the world with his globetrotting
missionary parents.  A U.S. Marine Veteran, having served five years active duty and three years inactive reserves, Tilman discovered he could use his GI Bill benefits to pay for his helicopter flight training at Guidance Aviation through his wife who works for Veteran Services at Yavapai College, Guidance Aviation’s collegiate partner.  “At first I didn’t believe my wife when she told my GI Bill benefits would cover my costs to not only conduct helicopter flight training, but also acquire my Associate of Applied Science degree, Aviation Technology,” remarked Tilman. “After stopping by a job fair in 2012 and speaking with Robert Short, Manager of Student Services at Guidance, the rest is history.”
Tilman started his helicopter flight training at Guidance Aviation in 2012 and to date has acquired 53 hours of flight training and is almost ready to earn his Private Pilot certificate.  Additionally, Tilman was hired on by Prescott Wing and Rotor, Guidance’s aviation maintenance division, as an Aviation Mechanic Apprentice. Tilman has been working at Prescott Wing and Rotor for the past nine months.  “Working at Prescott Wing and Rotor has been a great experience for me. I’m working, I’m flying, and I hope in the future to be doing long line work or search and rescue.  But, any day in a helicopter is a good day,” said Tilman.
Outside of flying helicopters, you’ll find this U.S. Veteran in competitive mountain bike racing.  Having raced in approximately 40 races, Tilman has earned his way up the points ladder to the expert class last year after a strong showing in the sport class.  “I plan on racing the full Pro Gravity tour, and the National Championships. Those are my main focus so I can build up points.  Epic Rides puts on some great events and I would love to do some more of their races in the future,” Tilman added.

“I am excited that Guidance Aviation is interested in sponsoring me and possibly some other riders in the future,” Tilman said.

Guidance Aviation provides high altitude helicopter and fixed wing flight training utilizing the newest aircraft and best equipment available. For more information, go to or

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