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iPads Arrive at Helicopter Flight School

iPads for Helicopter Flight Students: Hi Def Videos, Mobile APP, Maneuvers, Navigation

iPads arrived for helicopter flight students in the Guidance Aviation flight training program.  These iPads will be used in the cockpit as an electronic informationguidance aviation helicopter student ipad management device. Referred to as Electronic Flight Bags, or EFBs, the iPads contain geo-referenced navigational charts and ADS-B traffic avoidance data.

The helicopter flight students will also be using their iPads to view the high definition course training videos that Guidance Aviation has produced.  Guidance is one of the few helicopter pilot schools in the country to have these videos approved by the FAA as a portion of ground school.  Accessible 24-hours per day, students can now learn at a time and pace that works for them.

Mobile APP to Deliver HD Videos and Maneuvers Guide to Students

These online training videos will be accessible 24-hours per day via themobile app ipad guidance aviation Guidance Aviation Mobile APP, developed for both iOS and Android operating systems.  This complete maneuvers guide details the specifics of each maneuver required by the Practical Test Standards, including common errors and safety considerations. Embedded into each maneuver is a high-definition training video. This proprietary Mobile APP is made available to all students throughout their experience with Guidance Aviation.


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