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The Sikorski S-97 Raider – Radical Fast Rotorcraft

Sikorski S-97 Raider Ready in 2015

The Sikorski S-97 Raider will begin beating the air into submission in 2015. It will be the only production ready prototype rotorcraft of its kind – a compound-coaxial helicopter which will reach an incredible 275 mph. That’s about 100 mph faster than the proven Black Hawk helicopter. ¬†Check out an S-97 Raider test run from 2011 below. [Video courtesy of Sikorsky].

Below are the highlights of the Sikorski S-97 Raider. [Courtesy of the Sikorski: Brochure]

sikorski s-97 raider helicopter 1

sikorski s-97 raider helicopter overview


sikorski s97 raider helicopter operational benefits


sikorski s97 raider helicopter specifications dimensions


sikorski s97 raider helicopter X2 technology

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