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Ramp Photo Scuffle: Best Guidance Ramp Shot Wins

Winner of the December Ramp Photo Scuffle will win a very nice holiday prize. Submit your Guidance Ramp photo and full name to [email protected].  Here are the first two!

Chris Horton submitted this on 11/29/12
Robert Short, in an attempt to “one up” Horton, submitted this on 11/30,
Nice shot of helicopter in foreground and background Robert – with Tower too!
Looks like Short has a one up.  Keep the scuffle going, submit your Guidance Ramp photo
to:  [email protected]

Guidance Aviation Instructor Pilot, Alex Hall snapped this shot on his way to work!
Alex Hall to Chris Horton: “Eat your heart out Chris!”
Looks like the scuffle is growing. Send your ramp pic into: [email protected]

William Fine posted this panoramic pic Dec 1, kicking Horton’s Six, Placing Short on  Short Notice
and telling Clark to  order “Take Out”!  Ouch.  Submit your photos to [email protected]
Winning Guidance Ramp Pic in month of December gets a Holiday Surprise :))

Another panoramic, this time from Casey White, and he hits it out of the park with this one
showing Guidance Aviation staff and students gazing at a Chinook off in the distance!!

Austin Sanderson snapped this shot and the next one below….Bells, Robinsons and blue sky!

Here’s Austin Sanderson’s second pic, nice timing !
Got a ramp pic to submit for the December Ramp Photo Scuffle?
Submit it to: [email protected], You may win 🙂
Click the pics to make larger….

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