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Powerless, Helicopter Pilot Autorotates

Powerless, Helicopter Pilot Autorotates to One Knee and Finds Power Again in the Word “YES!”

helicopter pilot autorotates
Ben Lewis and Kristie McMaster: Poster people for “Cute Couple”. Congrats!!

Ben Lewis, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation, thought he was going to surprise his girlfriend with “THE RING” in December, but The Power of Love and a small ring box with contents of pure crystallized carbon and an infinite form of gold was bringing Lewis to his knees.  Soon enough Lewis couldn’t take it any longer and decided to take his girlfriend, Kristie McMaster, on a casual evening flight up to Sedona, Arizona in the Robinson R66 helicopter. Leaving the airport at sunset, Lewis and McMaster had a perfect flight up to Sedona, arriving about 30 minutes after departing Prescott.

Lewis, now finally powerless on approach to the restaurant, couldn’t wait any longer. “Between the helipads and the Mesa Grill, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes!”, exclaimed Lewis. “We had a great dinner at the Sedona Airport and then flew back to Prescott a couple of hours later.”

This is a great lesson for ALL PILOTS.  A lack of power at altitude will get you engaged!! Congratulations Ben Lewis and Kristie McMaster!!

PS- We don’t think Ben is related to Huey Lewis, famous for the song, “The Power of Love”.

Ben Lewis Kristie McMaster Guidance Aviation
To all those that wonder: YES, Helicopter Pilots attract the Ladies. Ben Lewis, Kristie McMaster. Photos Courtesy of Ben Lewis.

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