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Pilot Shortage? Bring Back the Pride and The Pilots Will Come

A well written article titled, “Pilot Shortage: Where’d All The Pilots Go?”, by Erika Armstrong, Boeing 727-200 Captain, recently summed up the industry with the article’s closing statement,

“Just a few people with a positive ideology can change the world. The aviation industry begs for leaders who recognize the balance required between honoring this glorious industry, while still making enormous amounts of money. It can be done, but not with a ruler and “discipline”. It will be done with respect, pride and profit. Bring back the pride and you will bring back the pilots.” – Erika Armstrong, “Where’d All The Pilots Go?”,

The article provides a great perspective and unique views into the opinions of those in the industry through readers’ comments. You can read the entire piece on

Helicopter Pilot School Success – Rob Ardy

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