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NOTAK (NOTICE TO ALL KIDS): Early Santa Sighting

NOTAK (NOTICE TO ALL KIDS): ¬†There has been an early Santa Claus sighting at Ruger AirPark Industries. Apparently, Santa’s sleigh was in for an FAA annual inspection (bad timing), so Guidance Aviation came through with a shiny new, RED R44.

We want to wish a special happy holidays to all our colleagues at the Prescott Airport, including:
City of Prescott, Airport Admin, Susie’s SkyWay, Legend Aviation, Arizona Aviation Supplies, North-Aire, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Good-to-Go Cafe, Yavapai College, The Fire Department, Police Department, YCSO,,,,and, of course, all the pilots, student pilots and instructor pilots who make it all happen!

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