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Google: Giving Veterans Technology to Communicate

Now and then, we need to look at the good that’s happening out there as it relates to technology and how it impacts all of us.  More importantly, what “good” is technology doing?  Its great we can all Facebook, Google a question or Tweet a random subject to share.  But, what “good” is being done out there??  Thankfully, we found some “good” and it is benefiting our Veterans.

Google Chromebook,
Samsung Series

“Google is working with the federal government to provide notebook computers and online tools to help veterans–particularly wounded ones–better connect with families and friends.

Google has partnered with the Red Cross to launch a “Chrome for Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warriors” program, through which the company is donating 600 new Chromebooks–notebook computers based on its lightweight operating system Chrome–to several veterans medical centers for patients to use while they are in the hospital, according to the Department of Defense (DOD).” 
(Source: Information Week, by Elizabeth Montalbano).

See the Google Public Policy Blog for more info on the
Chrome for Wounded Program.

There are also the Google Sites, “Google Veterans Channel” and “Google for Veterans and Families”.

If you know a Veteran, share this info!!

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